Tiny Phone People


Thumbnail2_64x64.pngTiny Phone People changes your dull, lifeless background, into a virtual world populated by your tiny friend. Prepare to be mesmerized as their life is played out as you go about yours. Characters perform an exciting host of different activities including; eating, drinking and even going to the gym.

Tiny Phone People lets you select the gender of your tiny friend and watch on as the wallpaper’s full day-to-night cycles take effect. You can even toggle the house front on or off so you can get a better look at what they’re getting up to, or leave them be!

With georgous graphics Tiny Phone People is the perfect wallpaper to liven up your background.



• Full Day-to-Night cycle

• Gorgeous Graphics

• Selectable male or female character

• House Front On/Off

• A whole host of activities to watch your characters perform



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